Leading Fmcg Product Using Psychographic Segmentation

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BRIEF Cadbury is almost 200 years young with a heritage tracing right back to 1824. It 's a fascinating story of industrial and social development - the story of a small family business growing up, and joining with others, to become an international world leader. A story of technical invention and secret recipes, marketing savvy and the creation of great brands. A story of people who are passionate, principled, pioneering and just love confectionery. Cadbury is a British-based confectionery company, the industry 's second-largest globally after the combined Mars-Wrigley Headquartered in Uxbridge, England and formerly listed on the London Stock Exchange, Cadbury was acquired by Kraft Foods in March 2010. The company was an…show more content…
Adjoining a railway and the Worcester canal, it links with the Bristol docks where the cocoa beans arrive; and is also situated between two main roads with a good water supply - all essential facilities for a factory site. The first milk chocolate is made in 1899. In 1871 Adams New York chewing gum goes on sale in drug stores for a penny apiece. Adams Sons and Company is founded by Thomas Adams, the "father" of chewing gum, in 1876 and in 1899 Adams creates a leading American chewing gum franchise by merging the six largest and best-known chewing gum manufacturers. Also in 1899 a New York drug store manager invents Dentyne - the name is derived by combining the words "dental" and "hygiene". Halls Cough Tablets are developed in 1893 by the Hall Brothers, a British company. 1900-1939 Cadbury’s growth accelerates with the establishment of manufacturing operations in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa. Cadbury 's Dairy Milk is introduced in 1905 with a new recipe using fresh milk. It becomes the clear market leader in the mid 1920s – a position it has enjoyed ever since. In 1919 Cadbury Brothers merges with JS Fry & Sons of Bristol, acquiring a complementary range of chocolate. In 1914 Chiclets becomes the first candy-coated gum. The combined Adams business is now known as the American Chicle Company and expands rapidly, particularly with
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