Leading Group Challenges

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Leading Group Challenges * Police, courts and corrections are part of criminal justice organizations. Each of these organizations face challenges every day and the leaders of these agencies must deal with these challenges (Duelin, 2010). The types of criminal justice leaders range from police chiefs and sheriffs to prison superintendents, and heads of government, state, or local task forces. Some of the challenges they confront are budget and staffing shortfalls, political perspectives on the roles of law enforcement personnel in society, and the changing nature of crime and the difficulties associated with keeping up with these trends (Bryant, 2010). * Funding for law enforcement agencies are dependent on state and local funding…show more content…
Leadership for these criminal justice agencies must balance this power with fairness (Duelin, 2010). * Communication issues are also a challenge for criminal justice agencies. There are two communication barriers one is individual and the other is organizational. Individual communication issues are that a person’s own interpretation of a message may not be what is meant. An organization’s culture can be a barrier in communicating with another organization. The court system, police and corrections have different jargon that is used within their culture. This sometimes makes communication difficult between the organizations as well as with the public. To handle these challenges a leader must be an affective communicator (Duelin, 2010). * Many of the challenges faced within the prison system are the same as those that are faced within other criminal justice organizations but there are some that are different challenges. Some of the same are workforce challenges. Recruitment, hiring, retention, training, and succession planning are a few of those workforce challenges. Budgets have an impact on these challenges. Technology is also a challenge. Keeping up with the latest technology can be very challenging. There is always a need for management information systems, fingerprint systems, enhanced security systems, and communication systems. Challenges that are met by managers of a prison system that are not met by other criminal justice systems are
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