Leading Inovation and Changes

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Ophelia S Grant B7628 Leading Innovation and Change Instructor Sopko Argosy University April 17, 2013 Abstract Case studies of companies that have bench marked the best practices on the topic of organizational culture characteristics that supports innovation and changes. These companies focus on different things to maintain and improve their environment for both staff and clients. The CEO’s believes that, if business faces severe challenges, they can look for opportunities to change and grow stronger. Facing the challenges in today’s environment has made it hard for employers to find good employees so they have to do what they can to keep them happy and secure in their jobs. Leading ethical companies and innovative…show more content…
Space was critical. Consulting with engineers to build a greener factory to protect the environment. Recycling the heat to come from the factory instead of wasting money on a heating company. The system for Case Study The greener system is the best for me. With today economy it help the environment and it is a lot cheaper to go green when it comes to a bakery factory. Using the heat that comes off the factor oven that runs all day is best. Even in my own kitchen when cooking it gets hot when I open it and it warms up the kitchen, so can you imagine what happens in a place that have a lot of ovens. In the winter it will be warm enough to work and in the summer they might have to open a few windows. Either way it works great. Application of the system This company is a bake house and they carry Hugh machinery that lets out plenty of smoke. Ferguson Plarre Bake houses have been around since 1965, this mean it has a big strain on the environment and land around it. Even though they were not required to plant trees and maintain rainwater tanks they had to do it for a peace of mind and to protect their employees and communities were the factories are located. Going green was not one of the goals for this company but because they care about their workers, customer and community entirely too much not to have made this decision. This is the main reason they started to look

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