Leading Like A Great Conductor Essay

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Watching the “Itay Talgam: Lead like the Great Conductors” video orchestra my favorite “Conductor” style was that of the final conductor because he lead the orchestra with his arms completely crossed and occasionally instructed with is his face when a section should begin to play or not.
A great leader is just like a great conductor being in a leadership role one has to find the best way of seeing things from a different perspective. In viewing the video I saw that there were many parallels that could be seen between corporations and an orchestra.
“Like an orchestra conductor, being a leader within an organization bears the same challenges trying to create perfect harmony among the different variables in your business to ensure your organization creates “beautiful” products and profits,” (Leaders, March 2013).
In leading like a great conductor, one will not just lead but must bring out the best in their team members. Therefore, a good leader may use gestures, facial expression, and eye contact to create a strong sense of connection and involvement within their team to accomplish their mission.
How would you implement the style of a great conductor style into your leadership methods?
As we have
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5) Great conductors are aware of their gestures and impact; 6) Great conductors share the spotlight; 7) Great conductors are not super-humans; 8) The conductor focuses on his task and keeps his back to the audience; 9) The conductor usually stands on a platform and is visible to every single member of his orchestra; and 10) Great conductors lead,” (Leadership Lessons From An Orchestra Conductor - Business News | The Star
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