Leading Nurses Through Hospital Change Case Study Essay

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SUMMARY The healthcare industry is an ever changing system in which there is constant pressure for it to provide quality care while maintaining rising cost. The pressure exerted on a healthcare system is exemplified by managed healthcare. This type of care involves integrating and comprehensive systems of health care providers, insurance, companies and government programs. University Hospital is a very large teaching hospital which scores well on accreditation tests and is known for its high quality level of care. Like all hospitals, they need to work on improving their financial situation. In order to alleviate financial stress, the hospital has taken on a “differentiated nursing practice” which has registered nurses as care…show more content…
KEY CONCEPTS AND THEORIES Planned Organizational Change: In this situation, University Hospital underwent a significant planned organizational change. They took traditional nurses and put them into “care coordinator” positions. This planned change is defined as a process where an organization explores the need for change and possible solutions, plans for how that change is to be instituted, implements the change and disseminates information about the change, and integrates those changes into the day to day operation of the organization. It seems as if University Hospital did not implement this change in the best way possible. They seem to have thrown care coordinators into their roles without giving them much input into what their job would really entail. Organizational Life Cycle: As organizations mature, change is inevitable at various points in its life cycle. Many organizational practitioners are very concerned with managing that change. Jen and Hannah may have been put in charge in order to manage the change that is occurring at University Hospital. Style Theories: Propose that leaders with a particular style will be more effective. In the case of this hospital, there is a definite person who will be considered a better leader. Jen and Hannah are considered good leaders because both are
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