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1. Stress and well being
Define stress and describe the stress experience
Stress is an adaptive response to a situation that is perceived as challenging or threating to the person’s well-being. Distress – negative destructive effects, can be caused from boredom or under stimulation or overstimulation. Eustress –positive, constructive effects which are better performance, etc.
Identify the different types of stressors in the workplace Interpersonal Stressors, most common, include team dynamics, bad bosses, workplace violence.
Role-Related Stressors, role conflict (incompatibility of expectations associated with the person’s role, two roles conflict with each other, personal values conflict with work roles), role ambiguity
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Follows task maturity (ability and experience) and follows psychological maturity (willingness to tke responsibility). Assumes that leaders can and should change their style to fit their followers’ degree of radiness, therefore it is possible to train leaders.
Outline the path-goal theory of leadership
States that effective leaders ensure that employees who perform their jobs well receive more valued rewards than those who perform poorly
Describe the four elements of transformational leadership
Create a strategic vision – image of company’s attractive future, motivates and bonds employees, leader champions the vision
Communicate the vision – frame message around a grand purpose, shared mental model for the future
Model the vision – walk the walk, demonstrate vision through behavior, employees trust leader
Build commitment to the vision – increased through communicating and modeling the vision, employee involment etc.
Transformational leadership is important for employee satisfaction, performance, organization citizenship and creativity, but some models

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