Leading Organizational Change Essay

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Process vs. Content 1 Week 2 - Process vs. Content Amanda Anderson LDR-625-1634-Leading Organizational Change- March 16, 2015 Robert Miller Process vs. Content 2 Working with children takes a certain level of adaptability in itself, but, working with children in a company that has absolutely no structure is a framework for disaster. However, planning for a process or a process-driven change intervention and task alignment for many companies have yielded successful results. For example, Jon Meliones, the hospital's chief medical director, was intricate in the three year turnaround and transformation at Duke University Children's Hospital…show more content…
Process‐driven change seeks to create a context and environment in which employees at all levels of Process vs. Content 3 the organization engage in a collaborative way to achieve the strategic goals of the organization. Approaches geared and focused on collaborative, participative, and problem‐solving efforts work to align behaviors with strategic requirements (Spector, 2013). In process-driven change, content is used to support rather than initiate ( Spector, 2013). Examples of successfully used change programs are Six Sigma, business process re-engineering, the balanced scorecard, lean enterprise, and Agile ( Spector, 2013). These processes may be utilized to reinforce as opposed to drive new behaviors and leadership roles are directed on solidifying purpose and strategic directions for the organization. As a result of unfreezing and creating new focus new patterns of behavior may emerge ( Spector, 2013). Process‐driven change seeks to create an organizational context in which employees will be motivated to adopt new behaviors consistent with the strategic direction of the organization. Content Driven Change Intervention By definition, content‐driven change is programmatic change in which
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