Leading Organizational Change Essay

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This week’s assignment is about the application of leading organizational change. “Change is a process that makes something different, alters it, or transforms it.” (Howell and Costley 365 - 377) Changes within one’s organization can take a positive effect or a negative effect on that organization; therefore, it is extremely essential that the leaders within that organization take heed to virtually every aspect of the changes taking place in order to ensure quality assurance in one’s organization. “The leader’s role is tremendously important in guiding change efforts in organizations.” (Howell and Costley 365 - 377) In regards to changes within an organization, specifically within a public or a nonprofit organization, many examples can…show more content…
Although, many positives were developing from Scarbrough’s leadership, several commissioners sought out to prevent every measure he took in his attempts to progress the Commission into the next frontier. The pattern of change Scarbrough exercised was “continuous or incremental change because it is steadily evolving and accumulates over time” (Howell and Costley 365 - 377) His approach was to plant a seed, nurture it, see to its growth and development, and then share the wonderful fruit it bears with the people. His administration was instrumental in reducing the size of the board of commissioners from 26 to 13 and reforming their roles more so as an advisory board rather than the bosses of the Executive Director, thus making the Governor of Arkansas the direct and only person for the Executive Director to answer to while the board of 13 commissioners’ main focus was to carry out the mission and vision of the Commission in their respective districts that their represent throughout the state. Using Kurt Lewin’s “Classic Model for Implementing Change”, Scarbrough successfully implemented changes at the King Commission. Through “Unfreezing”, Scarbrough created a motivation to change, mainly because if change were not implemented, then the Arkansas General Assembly would have cut funding to the King Commission or just eliminated it all together. There was “enough disconfirming data to cause serious discomfort” to the taxpayers and legislators. Scarbrough
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