Leading Shiite Ideologies, Questions and Answers

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Questions: Briefly identify the main features of the 3 main variations among the leading Shiite ideologies with regard to Iranian culture and the Shah's regime? What were the main issues Ayatollah Khomeini had with the Shah's regime? Answer: The Iranian revolution was an ideological affair. With different visions for the future of Iran, the revolutionaries were united for toppling the monarchy, which they had substantially. All the visions of these revolutionary, however, were colored by ideology. Ayatollah Khomeini was the leader of that Iranian revolution against the shah. Khomeini marched with Shi’ite (Shiyah) Ideology to denounce the Shahs and created a negative impression among the Iranian People against the Shah’s regime. The Shi’ite Ideologies were based on Islamic shariah, The Iranian culture was based on Islamic culture with an increasing influence of western culture and the shah’s regime was friendly with the western culture & policies and mostly against the Shi’ite & Islamic fundamentalism. The second difference was, shi’ite (shiyah) ideology doesn’t support the monarchy or imperialism in Islamic countries, the Iranian culture in that time were divided in their ideology in between shi’ite (Shiyah) and shahs, and the shah’s regime was totally a monarchy and supported by the US and western policy makers. This difference was also mostly liable for the Iranian revolution. The third and last variation was, the Shi’ite (Shiyah) ideologies tends to follow the shariyah,

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