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Northeastern University College of Professional Studies Course Syllabus LDR 6110 – Leading Teams Winter A 2013, 6 week term January 7 – February 16, 2013 Blended Format Live Sessions held Wednesdays from 5:50-8:00pm Instructor Name: Dave Czesniuk E-mail: d.czesniuk@neu.edu; Phone: 617-373-7879 Program Manager: Jackie Bishop E-Mail: j.bishop@neu.edu; Phone: 617-373-6343 Faculty Dave Czesniuk is Assistant Dean for Partnerships and Alliances at the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University. Throughout his career, Dave has built an expertise in leadership education within the sports industry, higher education and the non-profit sector, among others. As a part-time faculty member in the College of Professional Studies at…show more content…
Weekly objectives and assignments will be clarified on a week by week basis. While the syllabus is fairly complete I reserve the right to make changes or additions throughout the semester. If any changes or additions are made they will be accompanied by at least one week’s notice so that you will still have adequate time to prepare. Reading At least half of our reading will come out of the text. This text is fairly light and as a result gives a good overview of the general issues and concepts of leading organizations without burdening readers with too much information. Make an effort to read through each chapter once, paying particular attention to the cases at the beginning and end of each chapter as they illustrate the concepts in concise detail. The text will serve as a roadmap for any lecture or discussion material. In addition to the text I have assigned several cases and articles to help you further analyze the concepts. Most of the cases/articles we will review are listed on the syllabus (some will be added). Assignments/Summary of Tasks 1) Case Analysis Report (due in class the week the case is due for discussion) Summary: During several weeks we will examine a business case involving team leadership. In each case, we will be able to see leaders and/or team members struggling
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