Leading With Jesus

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Leading with Jesus Leading others is a lot like skinning a cat, there are multiple ways to do. Similarly, some of these ways will produce positive results, while others will leave you wish you thought your decisions through a little bit more. In a world driven so much by ego, it is hard work to get a group of people to work together with the group 's best interest in mind. Leaders need to be open to new ideas on how to relate to the people they are leading. If they fail to find ways to connect with the people they are leading, it will spell disaster for their group. This paper will lay out ideas that will allow its reader to formulate an approach that will allow them to take lead in any group and achieve desired their desired results. By presenting models that present proven styles and approaches to effective leadership, this paper will provide the reader with multiple plans of attack. Readers will learn that the importance of leadership is to serve the people that are following you, not to be served by them. While integrating biblical principles and scriptures along with these models, the reader will not only learn about becoming an effective leader but also how time tested these approaches to leadership are.
Situational Leadership from Jesus to Now The leadership model that can most easily understood is that of situational leadership. Preparation is the key to many forms a leadership, but really is the driving force behind situational leadership. In this model,…
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