Leading With Jesus

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Leading with Jesus Leading others is a lot like skinning a cat, there are multiple ways to do. Similarly, some of these ways will produce positive results, while others will leave you wish you thought your decisions through a little bit more. In a world driven so much by ego, it is hard work to get a group of people to work together with the group 's best interest in mind. Leaders need to be open to new ideas on how to relate to the people they are leading. If they fail to find ways to connect with the people they are leading, it will spell disaster for their group. This paper will lay out ideas that will allow its reader to formulate an approach that will allow them to take lead in any group and achieve desired their desired results.…show more content…
(Belhaven, 2015). In other terms, leaders prepare and make sure that their followers are ready to take on the tasks that they are to be presented with. The model has strong purposes currently in fields such as athletic coaching and in the military. Coaches work to prepare their athletes for competition by practicing and repeating techniques. They also scout their opponents and then use the information found while scouting to help prepare their their team for the upcoming opponent. In the military, numerous tasks and tests are presented to members to make sure they are prepared for the dealings they will have when they are on their own and in battle. This leadership model has strong ties to the greatest leader of all, Jesus Christ. Christ used this type of modeling when he prepared his apostles for their ministry work in Matthew. Christ began by laying out the the mission, “gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out and to cure every disease and every sickness.” (Matthew 10:15, New Revised Standard Version). He gave them that authority in order to prepare them for the unclean cities and people they were to encounter. As He continue to address these 12, Christ explained to them they were to “proclaim the good news, ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.” (Matt. 10:7, NRSV). By addressing the people of the cities to this news, the apostles would also use a form of situational leadership by preparing the people for
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