Leading World Health Organization Of The United Nations

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Leading World Health The World Health Organization (WHO) which is an agency of the United Nations, is one of the success stories of sound management principles. It is headquartered in Geneva, and it coordinates all its activities from this center (WHO, 2016). The organization is mandated to promote and find health solutions to global health challenges. Through funding, it supports research initiatives and health programs geared towards restoring global health. The expansiveness of the mandate of WHO means that proper leadership and management cannot be underestimated (Clift, 2013). The need for enhanced coordination and coherence in the programs translates to better health care management. WHO is an organization that has set many regional offices across the world and hence the need to embrace proper communication that is key to proper management of the global health (WHO, 2016). It pays critical emphasis to governance in its policy formulations. The fulfillment of its mandate relies on solid partnerships and collaboration among global stakeholders. The data on the management of WHO is sourced from its website and other scholarly materials available on the internet. Additionally, scholarly articles will be used to relate WHO management to universal management theories. Therefore, WHO identifies itself as a learning organization where competency management and governance are instilled in its stakeholders. The management and leadership of WHO is guided by the Director
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