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Leading Teams at West Coast Transit Ericka Rauf Grand Canyon University MGT-605 October 28, 2014 Leading Teams at West Coast Transit Selecting a team from the member profile to collaborate on a West Coast Transit marketing project took deep thought and consideration. Everyone brings strengths and weaknesses to the company. First, I choose Natalie. Natalie works well on a team, is positive and ambitious. She works well in tense situation which is needed for this high stress project. Natalie has strong written communication skills as well, which is an added bonus. The next person I choose was Elizabeth. She enjoys collaboration, has a positive attitude is diplomatic and open minded. She is a detailed oriented, has a good work…show more content…
Michael is currently working on his PhD and has plans to leave the company. I will assume that he may not have the time or desire to commit to this high- stress project. I also don’t think his personality will fit within the group members. He is passive-aggressive and can take things personally. I did not choose Bob, though he has been with the company from the beginning, he tends to over-react and can be unprofessional. Finally Tiffany was not chosen because I don’t think she would contribute much to the group. She is jaded and cynical, not a good combination when working on a team under stress I believe McClelland’s Need Theory is the best motivational theory to apply to this group of team members. Everyone chosen in the group appears to have a high need for achievement. His theory also states the following. “Achievement-motivated people share three common characteristics: (1) they prefer working on tasks of moderate difficulty; (2) they prefer situations in which performance is due to their efforts rather than to other factors, such as luck; and (3) they desire more feedback on their successes and failures than do low achievers”( Kreitner & Kinicki, 2013, p.209). If this project is a successful one, the reward in the form of positive feedback will be rewarding to the group. This project could be what determines the future of this company. All three of the characteristic in McClelland’s theory apply to this

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