Leafy Products Are An Important Part Of A Healthy Diet

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Leafy products are an important part of a healthy diet, and they are usually consumed raw without cooking to kill pathogens that may be present. Thus, contamination is of particular concern (Herman, Hall, and Gould, 2015). The number of food borne outbreaks due to the consumption of contaminated fresh products has increased for the recent decades (Ergonul, 2011). It is found that microbe in vegetable products change sensory quality factors of minimum-processed vegetables. Moreover, disease-causing bacteria results in serious illness.

Soybean sprouts have been one of the popoular ingredients in green salad mix. During the past few years, soybean outbreaks happen in Europe, US and Canada. In 2014, more than 20 people were
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In Methods and Results sections detailed media and tests are illustrated. It was found that Raoultella planticola was present in our soybean sprouts sample.

Methods and Materials
Please refer to lab manual page 65-88 for a full description. Several changes have been made regarding the lab manual: Soybean sprouts were used as our sample instead of leafy green products. Rainbow agar 0157 positive control plate was not provided. In API test, H2O2 was not provided therefore was not added as a reagent.

1. Total aerobic count of bean sprouts sample is 9.69*106 cfu/g.
2. All results and observations of media and tests completed on unknown bacteria present in soybean sprouts sample
a) TSB enrichment: Pre-incubation shows the TSB enrichment is light yellow solution; Post-incubation indicates the enrichment broth turn to very turbid and yellowish brown colour.
b) TSI slant: Before incubation, the slant is orange-ish red colour; Post-incubation has yellow slant, yellow butt, and a little bit of red colour appears on the top due the interaction with oxygen for several days. There’s no gas appeared in the tube.
c) TSA plate: For the purity check, it is found that only one kind of colonies appear therefore there’s only one kind of bacteria incubated on TSA plate.
d) EMB plate: Before incubation, EMB plate
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