Leah: A Short Story Essay

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It was early morning the next day that finally roused Leah from her restless sleep. Her eyes fluttered open and she dazed into the vast morning sky above her. A few fluffy white clouds floated peacefully while the sun dazzled the night away to make way for day to come. For a moment or two, she thought everything was normal. She heard a cockerel crowed somewhere nearby and the heavy noise of the hooves of horses. She stifled a yawn and snuggled closer to the object she slept next to. Suddenly curious, her eyes squinted at the solid object beside her. Her mother, pale and motionless rest peacefully where she had left her the night before. Her ragged clothes that did nothing to warm her from the cold were damp from the rain. Leah quickly…show more content…
Pieces of broken ceramics lay scattered on the ground making movement difficult for Leah. Fear trickled down her spine as the stench of the dead filled her nostrils. “Just exactly how many of us are alive?” She thought as her eyes continued to dart towards each rubble of the houses she passed. “Hello? Is there anyone out there? Hello?” she shouted. Nobody replied. She gathered her skirts and marched up the hill as fresh mud squelched beneath her boots. She kept her eyes peeled open for any survivors but she couldn’t see any. Leah stopped once she reached the town square with her hands on her knees gasping for air. Once she caught her breath, she stood upright and only to meet with the sickening vision before her eyes. She could feel bile building up inside her as she saw the piles of dead naked bodies mounded over one another on the once spotless floor of the square. Some were so badly burnt that their faces were barely recognizable as their flesh melted from the fire. Not far from the pile of rotting corpses, there were a stack of the dead villagers’ clothes along with other valuables. Small knives and swords and whatever weapons the bandits laid their hands on were neatly stacked together. She heard a twig snap behind her and without a moment to lose, she quickly hid herself underneath a wagon close to her. Not too long after, her ears pricked over the voices of men. “Did ye find any survivors, eh Johnny?” a rough voice
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