Leak About Thomas Perez Essay

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Leak About Thomas Perez
Leaks of government affairs have always been common in Washington DC. When a person first hears the word leak, they most likely think of a story that was not meant to be published or shown to the public, but this is not always the case. Some politicians or government officials will “leak” information just to see a reaction from the general public. This tactic is called a trial balloon. This tactic is seen in an article that was posted in The New York Times in 2014 about the possible nomination of Labor Secretary, Thomas Perez, for Attorney General.
The New York Times article by Thomas Hulse “Labor Secretary emerges as a Top Candidate for Attorney General” talks about the high possibility of Thomas Perez being the leading
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A trial balloon allows the White House to test the response to a potential nominee and unleash a round of public vetting before the president puts his prestige on the line”. This shows that a trial balloon is just a common tool for politicians in government to utilize. The president wanted to put out his potential nomination in order to see the response he would get.
The author of the article then goes on to talk about the response from both sides of the political parties. The author states that the nomination of Perez would be strongly supported from minority groups while Republicans would strongly disagree with this nomination. The author shows no preference as to whether he agrees with the President but instead examines both sides and the different responses he would most likely get. He states that the Republicans think that Perez is just going to bring in more illegal immigrants to take American jobs and that democrats believe his modest upbringing and the fact that he worked his way through college would make him a good candidate. President Obama can use all of this information when deciding on who he will eventually nominate for Attorney
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