Lean Canvas : A Business Plan

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Have you heard anything about “Lean Canvas”? This is a tool that lets you and your team comprehend the basic details of the entire project you are going to get off the ground. Lean Canvas allows you to assemble all main aspects of your future startup into a single (web or paper) page and can be drawn in a few minutes. With Lean Canvas you don’t need to write a long complicated business plan right from the start as you have no confidence that your efforts will be ever rewarded. Would you like to know more about this little helper and time-saver? Read about its main fields and other information in our article and take advantage of this opportunity to assess all possible risks that your startup may face at the early stage of an idea. A…show more content…
What is a Lean Canvas? Lean Canvas was created by Ash Maurya in the Lean Startup spirit (a fast, concise and effective startup). It is an adaptation of Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas with some sections replaced or removed. Lean Canvas is a helpful tool for the quick sketching of an actionable, entrepreneur-focused business plan. It is focused on problems, solutions, key metrics and competitive advantages. Lean Canvas has no specific medium of implementation and you can use it first and then shift to the Business Model Canvas or vice versa. Who can use a Lean Canvas? If you are a consultant, customer, advisor, or investor – Lean Canvas is not for you. It has been designed specifically for entrepreneurs, who wish to work with the aforementioned people. One of the most beneficial features of Lean Canvas is that it fits on a single page, which means that it provides easy access, is fast, concise, and portable. If you are short of time – Lean Canvas is exactly what you need as you can avoid long negotiations and jump straight into filling in its fields and comments. Please note that Lean Canvas is heavily focused on problem solving. It focuses on startup factors such as uncertainty and risk. Its methodology concentrates on understanding the problem. This is the first step and it’s
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