Lean Manufacturing Concept Of Production

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Lean Manufacturing Concept
Along with the change in times and technological and diversification enterprises flourishing, Enterprises face the low cost production in developing countries and globalization competition, to consolidate market position and sustainable operation and development, the enterprises and manufacturer must have to strengthen the production management and production technology system, otherwise it is difficult to profit for enterprises and manufacturer to foothold in the market. No matter manufacturer, service industry, to deal with these situations and improve market competitiveness, they need to break the traditional production way. In recent years, the enterprises and manufacturer toward to adapt lean
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Useless manpower, less equipment and less time to generate more value is what lean manufacturing pursuit for (Stenzel, 2007).

Toyota way Toyota develops four main principles to implement Toyota production system (Krijnen,2007), including:
1. Long-term philosophy: Management decisions must be based on long-term philosophy, even if it must sacrifice short-term financial goals expense.
2. The right produce process will produce the right results: Create a continuous process flow to bring problems to the surface, use visual control so no problems are hidden, and the standardization of work duties is to empower the employees and continuous improvement.
3. Add Value to the Organization by Developing Your People: Cultivate the employee who thoroughly understand and embrace the concept of the company to be leaders, that they can teach what they learn to their subordinates, and respect the company 's business partner and supplier networks, challenge them and help them improve.
4. Continuously Solving Root Problems Drives Organizational Learning: Do not make the decisions hasty, considering all possible options to reach the consensus then execution fast. Furthermore, through constant reflection and continuously improvement to become a learning organization.
Though these principles Toyota constantly makes the low waste and high-quality products, that many industries followed it.

Lean manufacturing Lean manufacturing is the use
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