Lean Manufacturing Is Not Just A Production Method

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Introduction Lean manufacturing is not just a production method. It is a way of life. One could say that it is simply a way of providing customers what they want, at a price they can afford, when they want it (Leaning Forward). However, it is much more than just satisfying the customer’s needs. Lean manufacturing originated after WWII in Japan to help revitalize their manufacturing industry. The industry was booming in the United States because of the revolutionary invention of Henry Ford’s Model T and the creation of the flow production, but the lack of variety created demand and Toyota answered that demand (Lean). Kiichiro Toyoda and his team at Toyota realized by modifying the system they could make the process have less wait periods…show more content…
Pull Flow is the concept of a continuous flow of production and enables operators to identify and pull defective products from the production line. Kaizen is the approach used by employees to implement continuous improvements to a manufacturing process (Gembutsu). Muda is the concept of wasting resources to create something with no value. The types of wasted include over production time, inventory, transportation, process inefficiency, defects, and unnecessary motion (Vorne Industries). Jidoka is the process of identifying a defect before getting to the finished product and is accomplished by automation. It is carried out by the automation knowing what a product defect is and alerting an operator (Gembutsu). Takt is the method used to align the customers demand with the production and is paced by using Takt Time. Takt Time is the pace of production and is calculated by dividing production time by customer demand (Gembutsu). Procedures The Spartan Assembly Line involved several processes. To start the assembly process the orders or the colors of the cars were called out to the paint process. After the paint was applied to the car, the body went to glass and then onto accessories, where the parts like the front grill were added. While these processes were going on, two other processes were also going on. When the orders or paint colors were called out, the chassis
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