Lean On Lean Software Development

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Lean Summary Lean Software Development (LSD) is an implementation of Lean Principles in software development. In sum, every action that does not produce value is considered waste (muda)(Liker, 2005). The goal is to create a system (software development or otherwise) that is waste free. “Several Agile techniques can be used to achieve this in software development, making LSD and Agile similar at first glance (Austad, 2011)”. Origin/History It is important to note the history of Lean and the history of Lean Software development (LSD) are two different histories. Lean and LSD are related but their histories are different. This history will focus on LSD. The term lean software development originated in a book written by Mary Poppendieck and…show more content…
• Empower the Team - In a traditional work environment, decisions are made from the top down. In a LSD, it works in reverse of that. “The lean approach favors the aphorism ‘find good people and let them do their own job,’ encouraging progress, catching errors, and removing impediments, but not micro-managing (Liker, 2005).” • Defer Commitment – By deferring critical/irreversible, you keep your options open for as long as possible (Liker, 2005). Pros/Cons • Pros o Delivering the product early means that the development team can deliver more functionality in a shorter period of time, hence enabling more projects to be delivered. o Empowerment of the development team helps in developing the decision making ability of the team members which in turn creates more motivation among team members ( 'Top 12 Software Development Methodologies And Its Advantages/Disadvantages ', 2014). • Cons o Lean does not do very well in small dev teams where the projects are small and unpredictable (job shop and/or lots of support). o “ The project sponsors and clients need to know what they want and make decisions they will stick to. In lean software development these decisions can be made later. But the problem is that project sponsors tend to be paralyzed by fear when it comes to making the tough decisions. And in lean the whole objective of using this over say agile methodology is to enable your development to be done faster and
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