Lean On Me By Norman Twain

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“Lean On Me”( Norman Twain Productions, 1989) The movie “Lean on Me” was published in 1989. The movie depicts a time period when drug use/ abuse, and violence was very prevalent at Eastside High the inner city high schools in Paterson New Jersey. Eastside HS having these challenges created a societal view of low expectations for the students that attended the school. The students that attended the high school were predominately African American and Latinos, and because of their race they were considered minority groups with low social economic status and/ or expectations. Throughout the movie the diversity of race, and social economical statuses were factors mentioned. Another important factor that the movie only touched on slightly was the challenges with crack cocaine. The 80’s was an era when crack cocaine was introduced to the inner-city communities, causing much destruction to the foundation of families that had members that indulged in its use. This caused the lack of parent engagement and support systems for youths. Many of the youths in the movie was raising themselves, which included finding the means to support their and/ or their family’s basic everyday needs such as: food, clothing, and shelter. That alone opened the door to negative influences like drug dealing, drug use, drug abuse, and violence. Many of the students at Eastside HS was more focus on everyday survival, then the importance of having an education and the growth that it would bring them. The

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