Lean Operation And Agile Operation Strategy

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Operation Strategy

Ian Graham
23rd March 2015


Lean Operations Management

Table of Content

1. Introduction
2. Lean Operation and Agile Operation
3. Toyota Motor Corporation
4. Goals
5. Origin
6. Principles
7. Objectives similar to Lean Operations
8. Conclusion

Operations management is a business management area that is concerned with the processes of a business that lead to the production of goods or services. In this case, this could include designing, supervising and managing these processes. Therefore, the main goal of the operations management is to ensure that the processes are working together efficiently. Hereby, operations management will guarantee that the processes can convert inputs to outputs. The role of the senior management is coming up with various tactics in the commercial setting that will ensure that the strategy of the organization is achieved. This is to help in the direction of the organization when sometimes the roles played by individuals may not always be distinct.
There are four objectives involved in the operations management cost, flexibility, quality and sustainability. In cost, operations management seeks to ensure that the resources utilized in inputs are minimized to ensure minimal production costs. Therefore, for every unit of output produced, the cost of the raw materials, labor and energy are made to be as little as possible. Quality in operations management seeks to ensure the correct…

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