Lean Production Delivery System Essay

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The term ‘lean production’ came about to describe the Toyota production system in the late 1980’s. This came to pass through a research group from MIT who over five years analysed the automotive industry in fourteen countries. It was called ‘lean manufacturing’ rather than the Toyota production system to make it easier for competitors and organizations to adopt this type of system. The concept of lean production in a manufacturing organization basically means to try and maximise the use of materials to achieve optimum customer value and at the same time reducing waste and ensuring the same standard of quality in the finished product. Reducing the resources means it will cheaper for the organization to create the product plus also for the…show more content…
* Takt time – The rate of production is aligned with the customer need. * Error proofing – Error detection to reduce defects * Kaizen – Having employees together to improve the manufacturing process. * Just-in-time – Most effective way of reducing inventory levels as it creates products based on customer demands. * Policy deployment – Focuses on having good communications through the whole structure of the organization. Through this concept of ‘lean’ to reduce waste and the many tools of lean production there are plenty of advantages to observe such as:- * It can reduce overhead fixed cost to 30% * It reduces the operational cost within an organization * It can also raise the competiveness of a manufacturing organization * It is also believed that the implementation of ‘lean’ can reduce the manufacturing time * It can also increase profit especially at the start and then helps maintain these earnings * Plus as we know it can cut nearly all types of waste * Since the manufacturing lead time is reduced it has a knock-on effect that reduces energy costs * Implementing ‘lean’ has a keen view of making the workspace as efficient as possible which is a primary factor in keeping the organization running effectively * The required workspace is also reduced * Productivity in a manufacturing organization can be increased as much as 80% * Customer relations improvements means again reduced waste * Frustration on the job is reduced
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