Lean Six Sigma And Its Application

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Abstract or Executive summary: Lean Six Sigma is a widely known approach used for improving the processing and quality of the products and services in an organization. Some of its major functions include improving quality, removing waste, reducing variation and organization. There have been several studies that focus on the combination of Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma. These applications mainly focused on the private industry more than the government industry. Hence, the research aims to explore the strategy of Lean Six Sigma and its application to the local government. The research uses a qualitative and Descriptive Method to investigate the area of Lean Six Sigma tools in improving the quality and processes within an organization. The…show more content…
However, the use of both strategies together could be challenging as few organizations have been able to successfully integrate and apply the Green Lean Six Sigma. There are several factors that influence the implementation of Green Lean Six Sigma implementation process. Six Sigma: In addition to this, Lean Six Sigma mainly focuses on eliminating waste and improving efficiency. It consists of a combination of two strategies namely; Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma. Six Sigma involves the Quality management of product which includes waste reduction, identifying defects if any and also improving the quality. Six Sigma set its stage in the industry by Motorola Corporation in 1980. Furthermore, It gained its popularity in 1990s. Lean Enterprise: When it comes to Lean Enterprise, it focuses mainly on reducing cycle time and also waste in the process. Lean Enterprise was at first developed by Toyota Motor Corporation as the Toyota Production System which became popular after 1973. The energy crisis facilitated the increasing demand at that time. “The term ‘Lean Enterprise’ is used to broaden the scope of a Lean programme from manufacturing to embrace the enterprise or entire organization”. (Alukal, 2003) Lean Six Sigma: Therefore, Lean Six Sigma uses a variety of problem solving tools that analyze the process as well as the nature of problem being studied. These tools also facilitate the organization and simplification of the work
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