Lean/Six Sigma Quality in Healthcare

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Lean/Six Sigma Quality in Healthcare: The healthcare industry needs systematic innovation initiatives in order to remain cost-efficient, competitive, and up-to-date just like any other service operation. Lean/six sigma is one of the methods that can be used to provide an efficient framework for generating innovation efforts in the healthcare industry. Some of the benefits associated with this approach include improving the quality of care services, controlling healthcare cost increases, and providing improved care services. The lean/six sigma approach is an important method for promoting quality in healthcare, especially with the alarming and unsustainable increase in the costs of medical care across the globe. This approach consists of Lean Thinking and Six Sigma, which are two processes that are currently famous in the health industry. Their popularity in this industry originates from the fact that they both provide a systematic manner to promote incremental process innovations. While they are mostly used in administration and service areas, Lean Thinking and Six Sigma have undergone parallel developments in the recent years (de Koning et. al, p. 4). Lean Thinking is an integrated system of standards, procedures, tools, and techniques that focus on harmonizing work flows, managing differences in production flows, and lessening waste. The process provides several standard solutions to common organizational problems like complexity reduction and visual management. The
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