Lean Thinking

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Lean Thinking in Health Care Lakeshia R. Dingle Grand Canyon University: HCA-240 May 14, 2016 Lean Thinking in Health Care “Health care is big business that has a major impact on our nation’s economy” (GCU Lecture 1). It is one that is highly regulated by both federal and state level governments as well as that of accrediting agencies. Lean Thinking In the 1950s Toyota came up with the idea of lean thinking which is a set of functioning ideas and techniques that helps generate the greatest importance for individuals by decreasing waste and delays” (Feeney, 2015). The purpose of this systematic approach was to change the establishments thought process and value, which would eventually lead to the conversion of the…show more content…
With the lean thinking process comes new ideas, systems and equipment that have been realistically applied to enhance the flow process. Methods used to deal with organization, standardization, exclusion of non-value added steps and overall visual control. Ways of improving flow, removing waste and decrease delays, getting things correct the first time, therefore expanding quality and bring down costs. Lean Thinking also identifies ways to permit the personnel by encouraging them to maintain solutions through making respectable judgments based on evidence presented. The Office of Inspector General within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services was created to as a self-governing and unbiased oversight unit of the department to carry out the mission of upholding economy, effectiveness and efficiency by eliminating fraud, abuse and waste. One of the biggest problems in health care is spending and the fact that managers are now giving the responsibility of ordering medical supplies to the technologists. They continue to overstock on supplies that are rarely used and the managers are allowing it happen. Today hospitals easily discard more than enough surgical equipment that could be saved and used to assist with those serious shortages, enhance surgical care and increase public health in other industrialized countries. “Maintaining and transporting such materials is truly a low-hanging fruit enterprise, a simple approach that could may have an
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