Lean Vs Lean Manufacturing Systems

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Executive Summary Lean Manufacturing Systems were first introduced in Japan by the Toyota Motor Corporation. The Lean movement is a type of a system that relies on simple visual cues in order to manage production stages that are based on customer demand. The system is a is also a kind of manufacturing that put great emphasis on the minimization of resources, time included, that is utilized in various activities of manufacturing and provides techniques for uninterrupted quality improvement. Although this system has gained enormous momentum and respect over the last decades, some companies have found it difficult to use Lean Manufacturing Systems, and, as a result, the companies have ended up failing. The concept of Lean Systems is best understood when companies familiarize themselves with certain key insights that are utilized during the course of systems architecting. The article provides a synopsis of the lean and is divided into four parts that will be mainly used for the purpose of this review.

The article starts by comparing Lean Systems used in Japan compared to the ones used in the west. The success of lean production has induced mass producers to copy many of its features, but it is not always successful (Maier and Rechtin, 2002, p.70). The success of Japanese in using lean production can be linked to the limitation of conversion of lean systems in other environments. In the West, industrial engineers and management science people
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