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Executive Summary

The Learn and Earn Project that the independence Center DECA Chapter, a non-profit organization, implemented was “All Wrap Up”, a seasonal gift-wrap service. Also included in our project was a secondary booth that was located up in the Macy’s store. All Wrapped Up and Macy’s gift wrapping services were created, planned, implemented and operated by the students in the E-Studies Program under the supervision of Mrs. Bolin, DECA Advisor and instructor. The All Wrapped Up business is in its 10th year of operation in the Independence Center Mall, while this is the first year we have got the chance to wrap for Macy’s which made it more of a challenge for the students. The business opens for 24 days from December
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The mall has 100% occupancy this holiday season and the forecast for increased retail sales is a positive indicator for All Wrapped Up businesses.
Competitive Data
In every business there are competitors, indirect, and direct. All Wrapped Up has six indirect competitors, which are: Zale’s, Helsburg, Aerie, Samuels, Buckle, and Kays Jewelry. Each one of these stores gift-wrap their customer’s in store purchases only, free of charge. Our direct competitor, Dillard’s, provided their customers with the gift-wrap service, but only on products purchased from Dillard’s Department Store. Their prices range from $3.50-$6.50, but they would not wrap a package over 60 inches in diameter. Their paper selection was limited to less than ten different gift-wrap papers. All Wrapped Up provided the same services at both locations but the pricing was set by Macys at the new location. If the package at Macys needed an oversized box we sent the customer to the main location in the mall. Pricing Comparison With Competition | Business | XSM | SM | MED | LG | XLG | OS | All Wrapped Up Pricing | $3.00 | $5.00 | $6.00 | $7.00 | $10.00 | $12.00 & Up | Dillard’s
Pricing | $4.50 | $5.50 | $5.50 | $6.50 | N/A | N/A | All Wrapped Up Pricing Macys | $5.00 | $5.00 | $8.00 | $8.00 | $8.00 | |

All Wrapped Up has competitive advantages to the companies
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