Learn from Failures as Well as Success

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ALL OF US LEARN FROM OUR FAILURES AS WELL AS SUCCESS There is no finality about failure, said Jawaharlal Nehru. Perhaps, that is why learning from failure is easier than learning from success, as success often appears to be the last step of the ladder. Possibilities of life, however, are endless and there are worlds beyond the stars-which is literally true. What appears as success in one moment may turn out to be a failure or even worse in the next moment.We often do not know what is failure and what is success ultimately. There are examples of people who became wealthy but renounced all their wealth achieved after a lifetime's effort. The kings like Bharthrihari gave up their kingdoms because of their failure in love. The Duke of…show more content…
A senior lecturer of ten years' standing was rejected and one with only one-year experience was selected. When the senior protested, selectors told him: "You too have only one year of experience-only repeated ten times. The selected lecturer has fresher and more relevant experience." Balance counts and a little failure may help preserve one's perspective on success. Finally, life is more than a count of failures and successes, as a humorist said: "try and try-only twice, the third time let some one else try" is yet another way of looking at life's
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