Essay on Learned Business Concepts from “in Good Company”

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Learned Business Concepts from “In Good Company”
Monica Howell
LED 603 Organizational Leadership

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Evaluating and developing effective leadership styles and techniques is invaluable within an organization. Many lessons and developmental principles can be learned by reviewing potential successes and failures within companies. Understanding these lessons and proper use business concepts is imperative to the overall growth and development of any organizations. Some of these principles, such as the complexities of leadership styles, organizational direction and business ethics, can be seen within the movie “In Good Company”.

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Learned Business Concepts from “In
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Dan takes Carter to see an old account that is slowly losing his company to his young son-in-law. He did not sign on with Dan earlier because of his son-in-law. He now sees how Dan handles the young up start Carter and changes his mind and signs on to advertise with the magazine. He did so in essence to just spite his son-in-law. Upon returning to the office Carter is excited because he feels how great it is to win an account the right way. He sees how their teamwork paid off. When they arrive back to the office news has broken that Teddy K has sold the magazine and the new company has fired everyone except for Dan. Dan later rehires his entire original team and even offers Carter a job. Business Concepts 5
The movie sheds light on the business concepts of leadership styles, organizational direction and overall business ethics. The parent company Globecom probably should not have bought a sports magazine without a better understanding of what they were purchasing. Globecom had no clear cut organizational direction for the magazine other than synergy. Globecom did not take time on the front end to communicate the organizations direction and/or mission. This communication and direction was needed in the very beginning of the business acquisition for organizational stabilization. Associates attempted to piece together their understanding or perception of the organizations new purpose and direction. Layers

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