Learner 's Personal Leadership Assessment

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This paper will focus upon the learner’s personal leadership assessment, and on qualities that are inherent to leadership as a whole. The leadership skill assessment questionnaire produced an overall score of 26. According to the questionnaire, this was above average in all areas. However, the learner is able to identify areas of continued growth needed to achieve future career goals. Subsequently, these areas will be divulged in this paper as well. The learner discovered it will be advantageous to be more assertive, particularly in the presence of colleagues who may be in higher positions. This will strengthen my confidence and get me the recognition that comes with rewards for the hard work, education, experience, and the knowledge that I have developed as a professional. It could also lead to advancement and salary increases. This is a vision I desire to achieve either in my present agency or at another agency. Another area of growth would be for the learner to learn more about policy in order to testify at hearings for community issues. It is imperative for this human services professional to be an advocate that uses her voice knowledge, and skill in order to promotes change at the government level. Gothard, & Austin, 2012 state that self-leadership is critical to professional development for those who wish to be advance. “Self-leadership is defined as self-directed strategies that can influence behavior, internal systems of reward, conceptions of
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