Learning A Foreign Language For Grade School

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Learning a Foreign Language in Grade School Have you ever wished you took a foreign language class in school because that one person you like speaks another language? Or going on a vacation in another country and wished you had taken that French class in school so you didn 't have to keep your book handy just in case? Students in junior high and high school should be required to learn a foreign language because you learn about different cultures, it opens up a world of job opportunities and helps brain development.
Learn about Different Cultures

Respect and appreciate different ethnic values
Learning another language introduces a new culture. It teaches about other cultures and provides you with information about how they live.
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Travel the world

I think employers look for those talents or skills you have acquired that can make you useful and beneficial in working for them. While going to college study abroad will be even a more memorable experience

Helps Brain Development
Developing self-confidence: I think, especially in today 's world, many people 's confidence in themselves is very low, mostly because of outside influence. When learning a new language, you feel like you have developed. Proud and good about yourself. This impacts your self-esteem. Especially while taking the class, everyone has that part of them that is shy or timid. benefits your school knowledge

According to educators, learning a foreign language can be extremely beneficial to those students taking standardized tests. Third-grade students were randomly assigned to receive 30-minute Spanish lessons three times a week for one semester. These lessons focused on oral-aural skills and were conducted entirely in spanish. Students in the Spanish classes scored significantly higher than the group that did not receive Spanish instruction in math and language on the Metropolitan Achievement Test (MAT). (Armstrong, P.W., & Rogers, J.D. 1997) There was no significant difference in reading scores. A study was conducted that looks at the effects of the success of students who were given the opportunity to participate in a foreign language program versus those who were enrolled
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