Learning A Language At The Age Group ( Preschool )

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The Four Seasons bilingual activity in my opinion isn’t appropriate for the age group (preschool) because I feel children will get confused because the first language must be reached before a second language. Children learning more than one language may delay their speaking. Children should be learning how to write their name correctly and saying it. I am aware that learning a language is suggested at a younger age because the child can absorb the new information. In this lesson plan I feel there is no proper evaluation plan because students are dividing themselves into pairs and children will be working on two pictures by themselves. I’m not sure what the outcome of this lesson plan is but children learning a language at a young age is …show more content…

I feel I would start with this first because it is great for preschoolers to learn letters and practice their ABC activities. If I feel children are at a level of knowledge then I would introduce the new language activity. Some children don’t have the opportunity to learn a second language or some received education in their native language and everyone in the preschool classroom should be at the same level. The modifications that I would make in this lesson plan is allowing extended time because children process and communicative information differently than others. Creating time will help decrease anxiety.
Lesson Plan: Let’s Move: Identifying Modes of Transportation are having students being able to identify different modes of transportation and the vehicles used for each mode. Students will learn about the uniqueness and similarity of the different vehicles. This lesson plan is interesting and I feel it is age appropriate because this allows children to learn about different ways of transportation, whether it is walking, driving, bus or train. Children will be engaged in telling ways they commute to places. Children at the preschool level should familiar themselves. People and some kindergarten teachers say there is benefits of preschool because children who went to preschool already knew how to get along with others and come

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