Learning About Human Behavior And Organizational Culture, Motivation, Managing Conflict, And Negotiation

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Learning About Human Behavior Human Behavior in Organizations is a five week course; however the information that is presented over the five weeks is difficult to absorb and assimilate into everyday life. The amount of knowledge I could gain from this course would take me a whole semester to actually process. I thoroughly enjoyed the topics, case studies, and trying to decipher if a certain action is ethical and moral. What really defines ethical and moral? Is it one’s own cultural beliefs that dictate this or possibly the United States Constitution, the Holy Bible, and written laws? The topics I will focus on are organizational culture, team culture, motivation, managing conflict, and negotiations. These are a few key topics that stood…show more content…
The team culture can become negative when one or more of the employees does not have the same values, work ethic, and personality. This brings me back to the human resource department who has the sole responsibility of determining candidates who will fit well with the organizational and team cultures, which includes the emotional intelligence and motivating factors of the candidate (Bethel University, 2011). I feel it is really important for a person to understand their own emotional intelligence and even more so for managers to understand and be able to identify their employees emotional intelligence. Now, companies hire motivational speakers and testing firms to teach and identify employees who meet a certain criteria in whom the company can invest in; moreover to create leaders and better overall performance. The knowledge of emotional intelligence will assist all levels or managers in motivating his/her team(s) to achieve a higher level of success. However, when negative motivation is applied and is comes across as demeaning, the employees may feel fearful, threatened, or even spiteful. When this occurs the productivity will falter. Now, we have to look at Maslow’s Need Hierachy. His theory starts with the human basic needs of food, shelter, water, and no bodily pain. Once, these are met then
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