Learning About Inhibition Of Access And Tools For Becoming A Better Physician For Dr. Danielle Ofri

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Learning about Inhibition of Access and tools to becoming a Better Physician for Dr. Danielle Ofri The United States is an incredibly diverse country. This diversity possesses significant strain particularly on the healthcare system. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality access to healthcare is defined as “the timely use of personal health services to achieve the best health outcomes” (Chapter 9 Access). Therefore, access of healthcare begins once an individual enters the system. Entry can be compromised if there are not enough necessary facilities, employees, or an individual is unable to afford care. Secondly, there needs to be sufficient facilities that offer services that are a necessity of the community.…show more content…
Barquero was diagnosis with dilated cardiomyopathy, a potentially fatal condition that’s only known cure is a heart transplant. However, as Dr. Ofri writes “’she’s undocumented,’ the intern said sotto voce, and not another word needed to pass between us. Julia’s fate was sealed. Undocumented patients-illegal aliens- couldn’t get on the transplant list” (Ofri, 30). Therefore, even though Ms. Barquero could go to hospitals, become diagnosed with a fatal condition and purchase medication to minimize symptoms because she was unable to speak English and gain citizenship she was going to die from her illness. This is a major issue. An individual may have the ability to access care in the United States and there may be treatment available however, their citizenship, their legal government status can prohibit lifesaving medical care. Immigration status also affects a patient when it comes to ow the hospital is reimbursed for services. For example, Mr. Amadou Sow, a middle-aged Senegalese man and one of Dr. Ofri’s patient suffered from a severe form of bone cancer that caused him to develop mets in his bones throughout his body. Radiation treatment is available to fight Mr. Sow’s cancer however it is mostly completed on an outpatient basis. MR Sow could however have gotten a room in the hospital use throughout his month-long treatment however because he was undocumented and unable to afford the room out of pocket the hospital would not be reimbursed for their services and
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