Learning About Other Religions, People 's Sexual Orientation And Disabilities

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As we come to the end of the term looking back at the previous diversity summaries I find that this one in particular gave me more of an encouragement to think beyond what I already knew or didn’t know about religion, people’s sexual orientation and disabilities. From my personal experience and knowledge of other religions I was not expecting to see some that I have never even heard of before, or how much a person’s sexual orientation can have impacts on their lives. As for disabilities, I have a brother who has a disability but it was a great learning experience, even with a short presentation on people with other disabilities, to grasp a deeper recognition of what it means to be a disabled person in the United States. Moving forward, I hope to summarize the presentations presented to the class on the final diversity topics and include my insight on them as well. For this diversity topic, learning about other religions should make us aware of the various world religions that exist. For us, these presentation summaries give way to how each person interviewed is affected either by other in their workplace or by society. We have five total presentations we can further our understanding for different religions that we may have never thought of in the aspect of diversity and discrimination. José Meza interviewed two people of two different religions, David and Joseph. David is an 18-year-old college student who is of Hmong religion. He wishes others would know about his

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