Learning Activity : Your Communication Style Response

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1. Learning Activity #2: Your Communication Style Response What did you learn about your communication style? How do these traits benefit or hinder you as a manager? Are there areas where improvement is needed? How will you address the negative traits? From this assessments quiz I can see what I have an issue and the ability to establish and maintain relationships is essential whether I in any stage of my career. Working in strategic environment consulting as helping me understand the importance clearer when I have to link experts in various fields to exchange information. At age 20, if you determine this early and there are plans to develop viable networks of their relationship from the relationship with the professors in your…show more content…
Nowadays, public information is easy to find from various sources, including the internet. However, precisely because of easy access, public information often does not bring a significant competitive advantage. on the contrary, personal information that is collected from the personal relationships are often "toxic" and cannot be found from public sources, such as the launch of a new product, the software code has not been announced or information about employers are looking for certain candidates. Therefore, information from individuals who can bring the managers certain advantages, although it is more subjective information publicly because not verified by an independent unit. Therefore, the value of your personal information to others and value the personal information of other people for you depends on your network of trusted relationships to what extent. Most private networks are closely attached in a certain group. Most in a corporate network was created by a few groups, but these groups have little connection. Those with special ability to connect will have power because they know how to link together separate groups. However, sometimes, the advantages of personal information, access to diverse skills, and power, can be opposed to each other. For example, choose the relationship to maximize the sense of trust in your network may inadvertently reduce such diversity has prevented network. You can avoid the pitfalls but
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