Learning Along with Doing Something: Auto-Education

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The child creates the neural pathways in the brain that are the foundation for knowledge - so very physically the child creates his/her own knowledge. It is like learning something along with doing something.

In the mathematics exercises, take the sandpaper numerals for example, it introduces the children to the symbol 0~9 and their corresponding number names. By tracing the numerals in the style and direction in which they are written, the children are learning how to write numbers. Then the children are given the opportunity to relate their knowledge of quantity and symbol with the number rods and cards.

Sensitive periods are times in which the children have the enormous urge to develop certain inner characteristic. During these periods, the child has an especially strong sensitivity towards a particular piece of knowledge or skill. Basicly, during the time from birth to 6-year-old, the child will receive the information of movement, order and language easily.

Maria Montessori said that a mathematical mind was “a sort of mind which is built up with exactity.” In the sensitive periods, children can learn the mathematical concept very fast by working on the mathematics exercises. With the Tens Boards, the child explores the number names of the tens and the sequence of numbers 11-99.

Absorbent Mind is the ability of the child’s mind to take in information from the surrounding without any efforts. The…
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