Learning And Development Of A Child 's Development

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Semester two RPP Assessment

Section 1
As you begin this module, identify and write a short account of your aims and aspirations. Elaborate on the strengths and personal qualities, which you bring to this module and outline those areas where you hope your learning and development will occur. (300 words)
As I begin studying the Professional Experience module, my aims and aspirations for this module are to develop knowledge and understanding on how to carry out observations, as well as gaining more understanding of the role of observations in a child’s development. I aim to gain more understanding on how to use observations to evaluate the child’s development, by linking theory to practice, and I aspire to develop my knowledge on the role of the practitioner in the child’s development. From this module, I aspire to develop my understanding of the role of developmental norms, theories of play and theories of learning, in evaluating the child’s holistic development. From this module, I aim to develop an understanding of working with babies, as I have no previous experience with working with children this young.
The strengths in which I bring to this module are that I feel that I am confident and a good self-evaluator and I have a great deal of experience working with children, from carrying out work experience in key stages one and two. From this, I have a good understanding of play and observing children. I also have experience with young children between the ages of 5-12
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