Learning And Leading With Habits Of Mind

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In a state of dilemma, individuals find it interesting when people confronted with life’s problems. The way people behave when the answers to which are not immediately known. Different situation, people have to think of different technique to solve the problems. Analyzing a poem is different from analyzing statistical data. Both are related to analyzing but the mind has to be aware of each situation to apply in any cases. Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind talks about sixteen ways people use when it comes to describing the Habits of Mind. Curiosity is what motivates deep thinking when questioning and posing problems habit. The bravery to take responsible risks habit and listening with understand and empathy habit when hearing stories from others. For me, one of the most important habit that I have learned the most is responsible risks. Being greedy and wanted to be success in two categories is not going to work, I have to decide on letting go of one and remain focus on the one that I am planning to take the risk on.
I have lived with my mom since I was born and until I grow up. A period of time that mom has given me the love and I have always promised that I will never leave the warmth of this love. I still remember the day I was twelve, my Dad has come back from the United States and offered me a cruel but also full of opportunities question. The question has been in my head and I was debating with myself for the longest time. Go to the United States with him and…
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