Learning And Socio Emotional Behavior

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The Sandoval family consists of parents Elijah and Rachel, first born son Debster, and their young daughter Adrienne. Debster is of average height and build for his age with light skin and green eyes. The family are of middle class income and currently live in a single family home in a nice residential neighborhood known for it’s good schools outside of Houston, Tx. Debster is fast approaching his 13th birthday and just finished his 7th grade year at a nearby public middle school and has been evaluated to see how he 's progressed since his last report at age 6. This child has been chosen for a long term study to observe how his motor skills, cognitive learning and socio-emotional behavior progresses over the years from infancy to up until he turns 18 years old. Debster is growing fast and parents say he seems to be almost constantly hungry. Although like most kids his age leans toward junk food when given the option his mother has made a point to provide healthy snacks to take to school giving Debster a greater appreciation for nutrition. As far as health issues, parents have said he’s been relatively healthy overall even managing to avoid a bad flu that swept through his class last year. However, when Debster was 10, he was brought to the doctor with stomach pains which turned out to be from a small stomach ulcer the doctors attributed to an infection. That was treated and currently Debster appears to be healthy as can be. Over the past years Debster has grown to be a
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