Learning And Teaching Of The Pedagogy Within The Foundation Phase

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The Foundation Phase provides a diverse approach to learning for children which attend a setting funded by the Local Education Authority and are aged between three and seven years old. The learning and teaching of the pedagogy within the Foundation Phase focuses on the practitioner being willing to continuously progress with personal learning and develop the ability to reflect on personal experiences. (DCELLS. 2008). This is strengthened by the quote that a practitioner should be ‘both self aware, willing and able to reflect and analyse from a range of perspectives’ (Pound,L. 2011). The Foundation Phase’s ‘progressive framework’ also allows for children to develop at an individual pace within the same class and consists of seven areas of learning. The areas of learning include personal and social development, well-being and cultural diversity, language, literacy and communication skills and mathematical development. The framework also includes Welsh language development, knowledge and understanding of the world and physical development. Finally the Foundation Phase includes creative development. The Foundation Phase has not always been implemented in the way it is today. (Welsh Assembly Government. 2014.) The Framework for Children’s Learning for 3-7 year olds in Wales (The Framework) states that every child should experience equal opportunities and have access to a curriculum that is flexible to each child’s needs. This is seen throughout the Foundation Phase within the
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