Learning As A Business Plan

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1. HOW TO MAKE THE CONNECTIONS FROM CLASSROOM TO BUSINESS-- (2 points) Do some research (see step 5). What are the benefits? How would a teacher get started? Learners at any level of education can use the approach of learning as a business plan. In any business plans there are goals, reasons they are attainable, and plans for reaching them. As a formula of exploring different ideas for starting a business, students could use this concept as they progress through their education and for continued learning. Bringing in business partners and entrepreneurs as guest speakers who can provide support to the students is another way to bring business into the classroom. It is merely a series of questions that lead you to think about the…show more content…
The business in this case is the students’ success and making sure that they are college and workplace ready. According to the National Work Readiness Council Workplace readiness is the set of common traits possessed by competent and capable high school graduates as they continue education or enter the workforce (http://www.workreadiness.com/). 2. OBTAINING EQUIPMENT/SUPPLIES-- (1 point) What are some creative ways to find classroom resource? In this up and down economy and with a decrease in available equipment and supplies, funding for classroom supplies is growing increasingly scarce. As teachers, we have to think innovation. What are some ways to save - spend less to make sure our classrooms are appropriately stocked. For some students sometimes the smallest thing like a pencil, an eraser or a box of crayons could lead to their success in the classroom. Making sure these resources are available is fundamentally an important consideration for teachers as they plan year-to-year. Rather using your own funds, some innovative tips from creative educators for getting free or discounted supplies despite budget cuts can be as simple as partnering with organizations that offers supplies to teachers. Recycling is a great option. A nonprofit recycling site called Freecycle, where people from all over the world list books, electronics, and miscellaneous school supplies they 're giving away
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