Learning Asl After The Classroom

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Introduction As a hispanic, it is a rite of passage to speak Spanish. With two full-time working parents, I learned Spanish from my care-takers in a home environment. Having care-takers that are immigrants and not highly educated, grammar is not a strong suit and so it was not focused on when I was learning. Since it was not a school environment, basic grammar rules were memorized through examples not written and explained. In high school, I took half a year of American Sign Language. Learning ASL after the critical age in a classroom, made it difficult for me to memorize the grammar rules. On the first day of class, the professor came in and only communicated through sign language. After explaining the expectations of the curriculum, she highly encouraged the class to speak in sign language for the semester. My professor stressed vocabulary and word order and spent very little time on facial expressions, which effect the meanings of signs. Along with ASL, I took two years of Spanish in high school. Having two teachers, I had different experiences in the classroom. My first teacher solely taught the class on memorization, minimal rules were mentioned and accents were not addressed in class. Much of the class was taught in English and my teachers Spanish was not the best. My second teacher challenged the students, he required all responses to be in Spanish, active participation and daily homework. He focused on grammar rules and applying them in different situations,
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