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Diploma of Accounting
Qualification Code FNS50210
Training Package FNS10
Duration 720 hours – 36 weeks @ 20 hours per week

Units of Competence UOC Code UOC Name Status Nominal hours FNSACC501A Provide financial and business performance information Core 80 FNSACC502B Prepare legally compliant tax returns for Individuals Core 80 FNSACC503A Manage budgets and forecasts Core 80 FNSACC504A Prepare financial reports for corporate entities Core 80 FNSACC506A Implement and maintain internal control procedures Core 80 FNSACC507A Provide management accounting information Core 80 FNSACC601B Prepare and administer compliant tax returns for legal entities Elective 80 FNSACC505A Establish and maintain accounting
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This course has been established, consulted and endorsed by IBSA (Innovation & Business Skills Australia), through Rosalie Staggard (General Manager Industry Projects) and Tony Cusack (Industry Manager) (see attachment). Three accounting firms have been consulted and endorsed this accounting training package, they’re being Jack Tuan Ly &Co, Global Accounting & Financial Service and Tax Solutions (see attachment).
Further information is gather through reports of surveys and future trends in the industry compiled by the industry ISC and other industry representatives.
Ongoing consultation with our migration agents ensures Westminster provides courses that appeal to International students wishing to study in Sydney.

Program The programming is designed to permit entry to students at the commencement of a term or customised to allow for units that have been awarded through recognition of prior learning.

Sequencing of Units The course is designed to ensure that students are competent in the core
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