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I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand.” These wise words said by Confucius himself may be one of the most fundamental tenants to education and learning there is. The concept that Confucius lays out in this quote is that students learn best by taking an active role in their learning. There is no point in telling students information they need to know, as it is usually just forgotten. At the same time, just visualizing a situation is not enough for some students; it is vital that hands on and interactive experience is incorporated into learning. The idea of “interactive learning” is commonly misinterpreted and undervalued, as it should be incorporated significantly into the day-to-day classroom activities of children of all…show more content…
This misunderstanding is most likely due to misconceptions of the word “interactive”. For the purposes of this paper, interactive refers to an environment in which students feel safe to move about and take an active role in their learning. In fact, studies have shown that “the use of hand gestures seems to make it easier for children to link their developing mental representations to aspects of the environment, and to facilitate new insights during problem solving” (McLaren et al.). In order to test this theory, a class of 20 kindergarteners were observed in numerous different environments, some being classified as “interactive”, while some were classified as “standard”, or “normal classroom setting”. For the interactive environment, students were pulled in groups of five to a table, where they played a spelling game with each other, with the goal of learning and retaining all of the words that were used. As a control, the students were tested before the game was started, so that the academic progress could be adequately measured. For the “normal classroom setting”, all 20 kindergarteners were to sit on the floor as the teacher stood in front of them and taught them to spell the given words. After each environment was tested, a spelling quiz was given out to the students, to gauge how much of what was taught was retained. The results were astounding. There was a clear distinction
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