Learning Can Not Be Based Off Of One Certain Type Of Learner, Or The Ideal Student?

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There are many learning myths in society today, many of which are incorrect and have no supporting evidence. These myths fall from learning styles to how much brain power humans use. The fallacies cause many students to fail if they feel they don’t fit into these myths. Debunking common misunderstood styles of learning will allow the learner to achieve in any subject. Learning styles, cramming, and brain usage all are common myths that are believed by many student. Learning should not be based off of one certain type of learner, or the ideal student. This provides a thought of no room for improvement if one doesn’t learn the ‘right way’, I agree we learn differently, but I believe making students all learn the same way in insufficient.…show more content…
This common misconception could be harmful to students because it provides an excuse to their shortfalls instead of forcing them to adapt to their situation and becoming stronger because of it. As it also limits students and will create a misconception in the students brain that they aren’t good enough or smart enough, just because they have a different learning style. Another common belief is that if someone waits until the last minute to study for a test, they will be under more pressure and therefore perform better. This is another misconception because cramming for a test does not actually help you retain information better. The people who believe this simply have not developed the discipline or effort to study consistently so they procrastinate until the last minute to begin their studying, which hurts them in the long run. According to Study Skills, the best solution to this is to “divide one’s study time over a period of days and weeks, so that there’s not that much to learn when it’s time for a test.” This is excellent advice that has been proven time and time again to improve test scores and performance overall. All someone must do is study efficiently and they will be able to remember enough to perform well on almost any test in any instance. Studying efficiently comes from experiencing different studying styles,
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