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Antoine’s Learning Center will not provide transportation at the center. Antoine’s Learning Center will transport a child in the case of emergency situation. Please have transportation already done.
No medicine will be taken at the center due to not having a nurse on site. Your child’s medicine should be given before bringing to the facility or you may come to center to administer medicine.
Your child or children will be changed accordingly. The facility will give diapers and formula. During registration you were given the list of diapers used and formula the facility provides. You may provide other brands to the facility on your child first day. At no point of time your child will be left in an unclean diaper. If
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2:45- 3:00pm- Wake up – diaper change- Afternoon treat
3:00- Dismissal
3:00pm- After Care Starts
All meals provided at the learning center is in compliance with USDA choose my plate guidelines. All children will receive choices from the five good groups to include Dairy, Fruits, Vegetables, Grains and a protein in order to promote a healthy lifestyle in children.
Antoine’s Learning Center will offer the child or children Breakfast, Lunch and two snacks on a daily basis which will consist of fruits, vegetables, protein and grains. You will receive a menu for the week in your Friday folder as this is also a reason to look in your students folders. Please pack your child a nutritious meal to eat if the child will not eat at the facility.

Antoine’s Learning Center philosophy is to never hit, spank or verbal abuse a child. Our discipline policy consist of the color system to include 1st-Yellow- Warning - student will be given a Verbal warning to correct the child to follow the rules,( no running, sharing with others, talking while teacher is talking, listening to teacher) 2nd-Orange-time out mat The students will be placed on the time out mat for 2min or depending on the child’s age . 3rd-Red- a phone call to parent to address the
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