Essay on Learning Communities and Motivations

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Learning communities and Student Motivations A learning community is a setting in which individuals within the community have the same goals, common relationships, and show concern for one and other. Learning communities are very important, and as teachers we need to be able to make our classroom a productive, great and fun learning community in order for our students to be engaged. Students need to be engaged at every part of the day, lesson and even assignments. Creating a positive learning community it is not an easy job. Teachers need to be prepared for anything in the classroom. Having a positive community setting can help a lot, because students need to know that teachers expect more from them. Teachers need to make children be…show more content…
I want to let them know that they are all champions and that they are the best. I believe that students need to have positive attitudes and of course this world its not perfect, we know that not everyone will be happy and jumping out of their seats of excitement in math class, but we need to make the best out of it, by helping them understand and facilitate their work, by scaffolding them thru the assignments and discussions. Making modifications is ideal, to deal with different types of learners. If a lesson is not going quite well we as teachers need to be prepared for everything! Let’s say for instance you have been working on a lesson for weeks and weeks, but that day your students are just not getting the concept, or they are not working together towards reaching the objective, we need to make modifications. Even though you spent all those weeks working on an exciting unit plan or activity we always have to have a “plan B”. Another way modification is used in the classroom is by not necessary changing everything, but changing a little the assignment or whatever its that you are working on. Modifications may also be made in the setting, for instance if a whole group discussion is not going well, you can modify it by having the students break into groups; helping each other. We can also help different type of students by making simple accommodations, for example having visual around the
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