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BU130 Working and Learning: Learning Contract template

We have provided this template to help you to build up and structure your learning contract. You will find an introduction to the learning contract in Activity 1.6 of the Study Guide and you will find detailed guidance in the Learning Contract Guidance. This will have been sent to you as a printed booklet and is also available on the Study Resources section of the Module web-site.

For each of the five sections of this template there is a corresponding section in the Learning Contract Guidance (from page 10 onwards). You should work through and make notes on each section of the Learning Contract Guidance, to help you to develop your ideas, before you start to complete the
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Section 3: Your Learning Objectives

Read pages 18-21 of the Learning Contract Guidance from the heading Section 3: Your Learning Objectives to the end of the section headed Pulling together your thoughts about Section 3. Make notes in your Learning Journal of your thoughts about the questions and activities in this section.

When you are ready, use the notes you have made to help you to draw up one learning objective for each topic area that you identified for your work-based learning inquiries in Section 1 above. Remember to try to make each objective SMART (Specific, Measurable, Aspirational, Realistic, and Timely/Time-bound) as explained on pages 18-19 of the Learning Contract Guidance. You should also explain briefly why you have chosen each objective – this includes why you think the learning in each objective is important and how your work practice might be improved as a result.

Remember to include your reserve objective (although you can comment on this more briefly than the other objectives). If you are a BUXS130 student, remember that one of your objectives must relate to Customer care in the public sector.

Time Management: My learning objective for Time Management is to get to the point where at least 50 per cent of my work time is spent on the exhibition floor by the end of the three month learning period. This will mean that all admin work will have to be done in the
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